Saferseas - Brest France 26th - 30th october 2015
Conférences / Workshops
      • MOQESM

      • Robotique marine, hydrographie
      • MOQESM
      • Mardi 11 octobre (aprè-midi) et Mercredi 12 octobre



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        The aim of MOQESM’16 is to bring together researchers and industrials working  in fields of marine robotics and hydrography applied to the monitoring of coastal and underwater infrastructures.

        Hydrographic projects have diverse needs, a growing magnitude and a high repeatability. Combined with the potential dangerousness of marine activities, these specificities have initiated a natural connection between robotics and hydrography. The MOQESM conference aims at strengthening that link by inviting experts experts of various disciplines to dialogue and synergize their knowledge. This conference will allow professionals to enhance hydrographers’challenges to share information about the last technological innovations and to start exchanging with specialists in robotics.

        SESSION 1 – Hydrography and Robotics 

        SESSION 2 – Marine Robotics






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        Site web de moqesm

        Site web de moqesm

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