Saferseas - Brest France 26th - 30th october 2015

3rd edition of the French-English Forum on the maritime and coastal policy MARCOPOL, October 27 & 28


France and The United Kingdom have a maritime border, the Channel. The news about European policies, Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), and the preservation policies (protected marine areas) or the reservation of new activities spaces (marine renewable energies, extraction of aggregates, algae culture) are illustrated by multiple initiatives from both sides of the Channel.

The European policies encourage a joint approach at the scale of regional seas aiming at the implementation of joint actions in order to get an ecosystem management. The Channel constitutes an excellent laboratory, as it is shown by the numerous research works developed over the last years, in particular in the framework of the European programmes (FP7, Interreg). Nevertheless, the approaches are different and the maritime policy stakeholders are unaware of what happens in the other side of the Channel.

In order to facilitate the exchanges between the research and the stakeholders of the sector, France and the United Kingdom have associated the AMURE Research Group (Brest University) with the Plymouth University to organise in Brest the 3rd edition of the MARCOPOL Forum. This forum of maritime policy stakeholders was initially organised by the Plymouth University as a national event. Speakers from other European countries, researchers and stakeholders in the field are invited to participate to this exchange of experiences.

The MARCOPOL Forum will take place in Brest from 27th to 28th October, in the framework of the Safer Seas event. It will consist in plenary sessions and workshops. Programme, details and registrations available on the Forum website.

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MARCOPOL website


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