Saferseas - Brest France 26th - 30th october 2015
      • Le 26/09/2016
      • [professional exhibition] Focus on MIDDLEVR

      • MiddleVR ImprooveReality.png
      • Expertise:

        • VR for professionals

        • software editor

        • professional application development

        Presentation  :

        MiddleVR provides Virtual Reality software, tools and services. Target markets are training, conception, communication, marketing and health.

        The company is made up of VR experts from industry and research, combining their knowledge of computer science, design and ergonomics.

        We provide:

        • MiddleVR Plugin, a Unity3D and Unreal Engine plugin for developers
        • Professional services, customised applications development for professionals

        Latest news:

        We have recently released Improov, a virtual office/meeting room for project review/conception and a collaboration platform for engineers and architects.

        Contact :


        Manager: Mr. Sébastien KUNTZ

        Business developer : Mr. David RAULINE

        11 rue Carnot, Creative Valley - 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre - France



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