Marine Bioresources - 8 > 12 octobre 2018


The 11th edition of Sea Tech Week will focus on marine bioresources, through the following topics (no exhaustive):


Marine bioresources

  • Advances in biodiversity fundamental knowledge
  • Access to infrastructures and cultures
  • Environment

Bioprocesses, valorisation and extraction

  • Valorisation of marine bioresources and market approach
  • Health, nutrition/food products, therapeutic molecules, medical devices
  • Sustainable biorefinery

Management, protection and implementing regulations

  • Policy of marine biodiversity
  • International comparison
  • Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Socioeconomic approach

  • Customer behaviour
  • Property and patent
  • Training and employment

Production, harvesting, fishing and aquaculture

  • Conservation, monitoring and planning
  • IT and data
  • New models in aquaculture
  • Co-activities


Other themes:

  • Robotics and archaeology under waters
  • Doppler oceanography from space and wave modelling
  • Renewable Marine Energy
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Organized by
  • Brest Métropôle
  • Technopôle Brest Iroise
With the support of
  • Union Européenne
  • Région Bretagne

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