Marin Observation : From seabed to space - 12 > 16 octobre 2020
International committee

International Scientific and Technology Committee

Sea Tech Week is establishing a scientific and technology international committee, composed of experts in marine observation with research and business backgrounds. Acting as referees of Sea Tech Week, the members of the committee will be invited to bring an insight on the programme and participate to the event.

They confirmed their venue:

  • Claire JOLLY, Head of Unit, Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, OCDE
  • Inga LIPS, Secretary General, EuroGOOS
  • Andy STEVEN, Research Director - Coasts, Oceans & Atmosphere, CSIRO
  • Andy KORONIOS, CEO and Managing Director, SmartSat CRC
  • Representative of International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
  • (...)


Local Scientific and Technology Committee

Coming soon


Sea Tech Week Committee for Abstracts management

  • Annick Billon-Coat (ENSTA Bretagne)
  • Isabelle Gailhard-Rocher and Julie Charmasson (Office Français de la Biodiversité)
  • Laurent Delauney (Ifremer)
  • Philippe Monbet (Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and GIS Bretagne Télédétection)
  • Marie-Françoise Lalancette (Shom)
  • Eric Thiébaut and Mark Hoebeke (Roscoff Marine Station)
  • Agnese Diverres (Cedre)
  • Nadia Améziane and Anouchka Krygelmans (Concarneau Marine Station - Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle)
  • Anne Choquet (Brest Business School)
  • Jean-François Filipot (France Energies Marines)
  • Eric Rius (Lab-STICC)
  • Dominique Simon (UBO - IUEM)
  • Joy Toupet (Pays de Morlaix - Pôle Innovation)
  • Michel Cousquer (CEREMA)




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