Marin Observation : From seabed to space - 12 > 16 octobre 2020
      • Le 07/09/2018
      • SPEAKERS OF THE SESSION: "O2 - Information Technology, Ocean Data Science and Physical Oceanography (Part I)"

      • Tuesday 9th October - morning / Room 7
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      • Organised by: UBO - IUEM

        Keywords: ocean currents, marine acoustics, in situ data, numerical models, Information technology, sensors, environment watch


        This session deals with challenges and opportunies on collaborative researchs on physical oceanography, ocean data science and information technology between the Ocean University of China & Qingdao Institutes (China) and Brest University/Engineering Schools/institute. In particular, this session is aimed to promote fruitful experience interchanges and discussions.




        Role of IT and Big Data in obtaining very high spatial and temporal resolution data and models for the ocean and the environment.  


        8h45 : Introduction, context of the Brest-Qingdao partnership and objectives of the session by Xavier CARTON & Laurent NANA.  


        Information Technology, Big Data

        • SUN Xin, Ocean University of China (OUC), Mining Big Data for the Discovery and Analysis of Ocean Phenomena

        • TIAN Fenglin, OUC, Spatio temporal visualization of ocean data

        • XIE Cui, OUC, Visual analysis of spatiotemporal patterns in ocean data

        • ZHENG Bing, OUC, Study on underwater object optical detection

        • YU Weidong, State Oceanic Administration (SOA), Deep ocean profile buoy observation of the coupled physical-biological process in the tropical Indian Ocean

        10.30-11.00 -- Pause café

        • DONG Junyu, OUC, Underwater 3D reconstruction based on multi-spectral photometric stereo

        • NGUYEN Chilam, NICULESCU Simona, POTTIER Bernard, IBNM-UBO, Ground and air joint analysis: satellite images and ground sensing

        • POTTIER Bernard, TRUONG Tuyen, RODIN Vincent, IBNM-UBO, Physics cellular simulation and accuracy of sensing networks: case of flash flooding

        • TALBOT Philippe, RIOUAL Stéphane, LESCOP Benoit, IBNM-UBO, High-frequency sensors for corrosion detection (capteurs hyperfréquences pour la détection de la corrosion)

        • VAREILLE Jean et al., IBNM-UBO, High-speed digital networks deployment in pacific islands

        11h45: Conclusion by Laurent NANA.

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