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      • Le 09/09/2018
      • PROGRAMME of the 10th edition of the “Rendez-Vous de Concarneau (RVCC2018): where Industry meets Science in marine biotechnology”

      • Friday 12th October | Concarneau
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      • Organised by: MNHN Concarneau

        (workshop in English)


        The ‘Rendez-vous de Concarneau’ constitutes a series of yearly workshops aiming at promoting relationships and strengthening bridges between industry and academic research, and further at providing technology and knowledge transfer among stakeholders within European marine biotechnologies. This year’s focus is laid on innovative aquaculture systems and biomass production. We truly believe that conferences are a valuable platform to mobilize international cooperation in this young discipline.




        08:30 Welcoming coffee


        09:00 Introduction by VIGNE Jean Denis and DEMANOFF Vanessa, MNHN Paris, France



        Moderator: BORRESEN Torger, TabCon, Denmark


        Innovative aquaculture


        09:40 TOUPOINT Nicolas, Merinov, Canada / Brittany
        Undesirable species in aquaculture : starfish and others

        10:00 BARRUT Bertrand, Coldep, France
        The vacuum airlift : an innovative technology for water treatment


        10:20 Coffee break


        Moderator: BOYEN Catherine, SBR, France


        Well-established models / SMEs / aquaculture feed


        10:50 PERHIRIN Gwenaël, Makurazaki France Katsuobushi Co. Ltd., Japan / Brittany
        Katsuobushi production in France


        11:10 DE MUYLDER Eric, CreveTec, Belgium
        CreveTec, first shrimp farm in Belgium


        11:30 CORNISH Lynn, Acadian Seaplants, Canada
        On-land Tank Culture - A Seaweed Success Story


        11:50 MILLA Sylvain, UR AFPA, France
        Domestication in animal aquaculture


        12:10 Lunch break


        Moderator: LEE BEHRENS Hanna, Research Council of Norway, Norway



        14:40 GROENENDAAL Bert, SIOEN Industries & ATSEA Technologies, The Netherlands
        Innovative seaweed farming


        15:00 YOSHIDA Wataru, Hirosaki University, Japan
        Sea cucumber farming in East Asia


        15:20 EECKHAUT Igor, Laboratory of Marine Organisms and Biomimetics, Belgium
        Sea cucumber farms



        15:40 : Coffee break


        16:00 Moderator: CONANEC Roland, CBB  Capbiotek, France


        Applied research

        16:10 SHPIGEL Muki, The Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences, Israël
        Integrated multitrophic aquaculture, fish farming


        16:40 ENDE Stephan, Alfred-Wegener-Institut AWI, Germany
        Integrated multitrophic aquaculture, sea cucumber farming


        17:00 SASSI Jean François, CEA, France
        Presentation of the BBI ABACUS project


        17:20 BAVINGTON Charlie, Glycomar, UK
        Development of marine glycobiology as a source of novel biopharmaceuticals  (from sea weed, microalgae, and shrimp waste)



        17:40 End & free talk until 18:30

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