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      • Le 10/09/2018
      • [Professional exhibition] Focus on SONARDYNE INTERNATIONAL Ltd

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      • Expertise

        • Research vessels
        • Sensor package tracking
        • Marine robotics
        • Sustained ocean observations
        • Seabed geodesy
        • Seismic events
        • Ocean currents
        • Search and relocation 


        Enabling users to access their data where they want, when they want continues to drive developments from international subsea technology company, Sonardyne. Their underwater acoustic, inertial, sonar and optical technologies are helping clients within science, energy, defence and marine robotics to lower operating costs, reduce risk and improve decision making. Sonardyne’s global customer support programme offers installation, training and through-life support of client thorough Europe and beyond.

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        If you need to keep track of the position your divers and marine robotic vehicles as they go about their work, then Sonardyne’s Micro-Ranger 2 and Nano products 6 )1 30 08 88 88orth cation  will improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.


        Sonardyne France

        Sales Manager: Aude Kuchly

        Tel : +33 6 11 70 77 64

        twitter: @sonardyne

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