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      • [Professional exhibition] Focus on iFADO - Interreg Atlantic Area Project

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        iFADO (innovation in the Framework of the Atlantic Deep Ocean) is an Interreg Atlantic Area project. Its main objective is to integrate technologies, including remote sensing, numerical modeling and in-situ monitoring and to provide decision support tools for relevant MSFD (Marine Strategy Framework Directive) authorities. It will support the next phase of MSFD implementation, in particular to achieve coherent, coordinated and consistent updates of the Good Environmental Status (GES) determinations in the Atlantic Area.


        iFADO’s participation in Sea Tech Week aims to promote the project among public and private bodies and individuals interested in the implementation of the MSFD, in order to generate involvement and cooperation : the public sector, university/research centers, industrial and commercial sector and the general public. Particularly, innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are invited to propose their products and services, enhance existing ones or develop new ones, in the fields of data gathering and processing, characterizing and monitoring MSFD Good Environmental Status descriptors.

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        There will be a presentation of iFADO on 9th October pm in the Méridienne, during a panel discussion with various actors of the MSFD. The discussion will address the challenges of marine surveillance, existing solutions and the need for innovation.


        Xavier Rebour

        525 avenue Alexis de Rochon, 29280 Plouzané, France

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