Marin Observation : From seabed to space - 12 > 16 octobre 2020
      • Le 15/09/2018
      • PROGRAMME OF THE SESSION: "BT1 - Marine biology, ecology and blue biotech (UBO/UBS Labs) (Part II)"

      • Tuesday 9th October p.m. | Room 3/4
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      • Organised by: IUEM

        Keywords: Chemistry Ecology and blue application, Biomimetic approaches for polymer development, Bioremediation, Control of aquacole pathogens

        (Session in English)



        15.00 MUTHS Delphine (European Projects Platform (2PE), UBO, France)

        News about H2020 European Projects in Marine Science and Biotechnology

        Theme I: chemical ecology and blue application

        15.20  CORTES Hugo and BOURGOUGNON Nathalie (LBCM, France)

        Up grading of macroalgae by combining innovative biotechnologies and process for human health (ECOS Program)


        15. 35 JEGOU Camille (SATT – LBCM, France)

        New marine probiotic bacterial strain for shrimp feed applications


        15. 50 HELLIO Claire (LEMAR, France)

        Labcom BioTechAlg

        Theme II: biomimetic approaches for polymer development

        16.05  REHEL Karine (LBCM, France)
        Lab-com SAFER


        16. 20 BUSCAGLIA Manon (LEMAR, France)

        Development and functionalization of marine biomaterials for tissue engineering


        Thème III: control of aquacole pathogens and bioremediation

        17.00 DELAVAT François (LEMAR, France)

        Assessing the virulence of marine pathogenic Vibrio strains through new genetic tools


        17.15  LE CHEVALIER Patrick (LBCM, France)

        A new aquaculture production sector: holothuriculture !


        17.30 RAHMANI Alexandra (LEMAR, France)

        Study of the pathogenicity mechanisms of Vibrio tapetis responsible of disease in clams and recent mortality in marine fish



        LEMAR: Laboratoire des sciences de l'environnement marin, France

        LBCM: Laboratoire de Chimie et Biotechnologie Marines, France

        SATT Ouest Valorisation: Sociétés d'Accélération du Transfert de Technologies, France

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