Marin Observation : From seabed to space - 12 > 16 octobre 2020
      • Le 16/09/2018
      • PROGRAMME OF THE SESSION: "BT2c - Renewable materials : innovate with marine bioresources"

      • Wednesday 10th October p.m. | Room 8
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      • Organised by: CBB Capbiotek

        Keywords: material, algae, shell, valorisation

        (Session in English)

        Marine bio-resources are at the root of innovation in developing new bio-based material, from paint made of reusable bio-composites to food packaging.




        15:00 Welcome speech by CBB Capbiotek


        15:15 Algae as a biopolymer feedstock for biomaterials

        SASSI Jean-François, Group Manager – Algae Processes & Technologies, CEA of Cadarache, France

        Abstract: Algae are ubiquitous primary producers with rapid growth. They only need light, mineral nutrients and water to generate biomolecules through photosynthetic capture of atmospheric CO2. In the last decades, algal biomass has received a steadily increasing attention from the scientific and industrial communities. Originally, this interest stemmed from the promises that microalgae hold as a potentially sustainable and renewable feedstock for biofuels. Marine macroalgae (seaweeds) also has a long history of being used as industrial raw materials for specialty chemicals. Nowadays, the extraction of phycocolloids from brown and red seaweeds is a thriving, highly-profitable & globalized industry. Beside the well-known alginates, carrageenans and agar-agar, macro- and micro-algae can produce various biopolymers whose fields and scales of applications extend well-beyond the specialty phycocolloid markets. Indeed, macro and microalgae can produce substances of great interest to material scientists and chemists. This presentation aims at highlighting these overlooked opportunities and will settle basic data for further discussions.


        15:40 title to be confirmed

        VAN LEEUWEN Jelle, Project Manager Seaweed Biorefinery, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands


        16:05 Coffee break


        16:35 Reuse and recycling of marine bioresources in building materials : algae, shellfish and dredged sediment.  

        BOUTOUIL Mohamed, Dr. Research Director, Deputy Director, ESITC Caen, France.

        Abstract: Examples of innovative buildings materials derived from recent applied research are given to illustrate sustainable and innovative construction materials made for and from marine bio resources such as algae, shellfish, dredged materials and bio receptive concrete.


        17:00  title to be confirmed

        THOLLAS Bertrand, General Manager, Polymaris, Brest, France.


        17:15 Functionalized materials based on halieutic food industry by-products for biomedical additive manufacturing

        CORRE Yves-Marie, Research Engineer (PhD) - ComposiTIC Technical Manager, Plateau Technique ComposiTIC, IRDL-UBS, Ploemeur, France


        17:40 Conclusions


        18:00 End of the session

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