Marin Observation : From seabed to space - 12 > 16 octobre 2020
      • Le 16/09/2018
      • PROGRAMME OF THE SESSION: "O3 - Marine Renewables Energies and Geosciences: Challenges and Opportunities"

      • Thursday 11th October a.m. | Room 1
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      • Organised by: UBO

        Keywords: Marine renewable energies, Tides, Wave, Energy conversion, Control

        (Session in English)


        This session deals with challenges and opportunities on collaborative research on marine renewable energies and marine geosciences between the Ocean University of China (Qingdao) and Brest University/Engineering Schools/institutes. In particular, this session is aimed at promoting fruitful experience interchanges and discussions.




        08:45 - Introduction to the context of the Brest-Qingdao partnership and objectives of the session (BENBOUZID Mohamed and GELI Louis)


        Marine renewable energies

        • SI Xiancai, OUC, China
          Study on hydrodynamics of tidal turbine in complex ocean environment

        • TAN Junzhe, OUC, China
          Multi-turbines interactions in tidal farm and layout study of array

        • WANG Shujie, OUC, China
          Progress of tidal current energy development in OUC

        • LI Ming, OUC, China
          Modeling and control for oscillating water column wave energy converter

        • SHI Hongda, OUC, China
          Challenges and Opportunities in Marine Renewable Energy at OUC

        • CHARPENTIER Jean-Frédéric, Ecole Navale/IRENAV, France
          Modeling of tidal turbines for simulation, control, and design of  their electrical power conversion system

        • AMIRAT Yassine, ISEN/IRDL, France
          Design and application of a tidal turbine emulator based on a PMSG for remote loads

        • BENBOUZID Mohamed, UBO/IRDL, France
          On resilient control of tidal turbines

        • BOUKERMA Kada, DREANNO Catherine, COMPERE Chantal, IFREMER, France
          Biofouling management within MRE environment and technologies

        • LE BOULLUEC Marc and LE ROUX Dominique, IFREMER, France
          Experimental modelling of floating wind turbine


        10:30 Coffee break


        11:00 Geophysics

        • PEI Yanlang, SOA, China
          Marine High Resolution multi-channel digital seismometer and its application

        • LIU Chenguang, SOA, China
          A long period OBS observation experiment in the shallow water of Bohai Sea, China

        • SUN Eve Tsang Hin and GELI Louis, Ifremer,
          Short duration events recorded by OBS: which insights for deep seafloor processes

        • FLAMME Judith, D'EU Jean François, MARSSET Bruno and TARITS Pascal, UBO/Ifremer/Mappem Geophysics, France
          Combining Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic and High resolution Seismic imaging for Applications to Site Surveys prior to the implementation of MRE farms


        12:30 Conclusion and perspectives

        12:45 End of the session

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