Marin Observation : From seabed to space - 12 > 16 octobre 2020
      • Le 21/09/2018
      • PROGRAMME OF THE SESSION: "R3 - Doppler oceanography from space"

      • Wednesday 10th October | Room 3/4
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      • Organised by: LOPS, IUEM, CNRS

        Location: Room 3/4

        (Session in English)


        Satellite missions that measure surface velocities using Doppler radars are opening new perspectives for the monitoring and analysis of oceans, including sea ice, with a direct measurement of currents, winds and waves from past and existing missions (Envisat, TerraSAR X, Sentinel 1) that are limited to a fixed line of sight component and sparse / partial coverage of the oceans, to future at different stages of planning and proposal (SKIM, WaCM, SEASTAR), a vast variety of instrument designs and signal processing steps are possible. This workshop will bring together instrument and processing experts with the ocean science community to address a wide range of topics that will feed into the processing and design of existing and future missions.




        08:00 - Registration


        09:00  - Welcome and practical aspects


        09:10 - CHAPRON Bertrand, LOPS-Ifremer, France

        Remote sensing of surface currents


        09:30 - ROMEISER Roland, University of Miami RSMAS, USA

        Lessons Learned from Current Measurements with TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X, 2018 Edition


        09:50 - ARDHUIN Fabrice, LOPS, France

        The Sea surface Kinematics Multiscale (SKIM) mission : objectives, status, and ongoing developments


        10:10 - Coffee break


        10:30 - RODRIGUEZ Ernesto, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech, USA

        DopplerScatt Results : What we have learned and implications for a Winds and Currents Mission


        10:50 - GOMMENGINGER Christine, National Oceanography Centre, UK

        SEASTAR : a new mission for high-resolution imaging of ocean surface current and wind vectors from space


        11:10 - LOPEZ-DEKKER Paco, TU Delft, Netherlands

        Multistatic Observations of Surface Wind and Current Vectors with the STEREOID Mission


        11:30 - CRAVATTE Sophie, LEGOS, France           

        Needs in near-surface currents observations in the Equatorial and Tropical Oceans


        11:50 - COLLARD Fabrice, Ocean Data Lab, France

        Routine Doppler analysis from Envisat and Sentinel 1 and first oceanographic applications


        12:10 - RUBIO Anna, AZTI, Spain

        Combining land-based HF radar data with in-situ and satellite data for studying coastal mesoscale processes in the south-eastern Bay of Biscay


        12:30 - Lunch Break


        13:45 - Summary and discussion (LE TRAON P. Y. & DONLON C.)


        14:20 - MOLEMAKER Jeroen, UCLA, USA

        High resolution ocean surface processes and oil drift


        14:40 - DA SILVA José C.B., Univ. Porto, Portugal

        SAR mode altimetry observations of internal solitary waves in the tropical ocean


        15:00 - JOHANNESSEN Johnny, NERSC, Norway, and Harald JOHNSEN, NORUT, Norway

        Icea and near-ice applications


        15:20 - DELANDMETER Philippe, Utrecht University, Netherlands

        Which processes control the pathways of floating plastics from Northwestern Europe to the Arctic ?


        15:40 - BOURASSA Mark, Florida State University, USA

        Three-way coupling of surface currents, waves, and wind stress over the Gulf Stream


        16:00 Coffee break


        16:20 - OCAMPO-TORRES Francisco, CICESE, Ensenada, Mexico

        Direct observations of ocean surface waves and currents within the context of air-sea interaction and momentum transfer


        16:40 - AOUF Lotfi, Météo-France, France

        Surface currents, key parameter for ocean/waves coupled system of CMEMS


        17:00 - Summary and discussion


        17:40 - End of the session

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