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      • Le 21/09/2018
      • PROGRAMME OF THE SESSION: "R4 - GOAT, GOa ATlantic cooperation programme"

      • Wednesday 10th October | Room 5
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      • Organised by: Campus mondial de la mer, French Naval Academy

        (Session in English)

        In March 2018, a Letter of intent has been signed alongside the Knowledge Summit between: Indian Institute of Technology Goa (IIT Goa), India; Naval Group, France; Campus mondial de la mer, a community of marine science and technology players from Brest and Brittany, France

        Partners have decided to join their effort for the development of the GOAT project, an educational and research exchange programme in the area of Marine Science and Technology. Based on a bottom-up approach, the GOAT project involves both public and private sectors.

        The workshop takes the opportunity of the Sea Tech Week for the presentation of the partners of CMM to our Indian partners (it will be associated to several in situ visits). The workshop will help in the identification of cooperation opportunities and of scientists interested in the cooperation. It will lead to establishing a detailed work programme of cooperation.




        09:00 - General presentation of GOAT project


        09:15 - Presentation of IIT Goa


        09:45 - Presentation of Campus Mondial de la Mer


        10:00 - Coffee break


        10:30 - Presentation of French Companies and Institutions: Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Naval Group, Thales, ECA, FEM (France Energies Marines) and CEDRE


        12:30 - Lunch followed by Sea Tech Week Plenary session II (in Meridienne Room)


        15:00 - Scientific and technical discussions (20 minutes each)


        For each topic, a presentation of Indian cooperation proposal will be presented and followed by discussions with local specialists.  Additional discussions will take place during the visits.


        Renewable Marine Energy

        Options for interdisciplinary approach for project definition: Tidal and current energy, Ocean temperature gradients, Offshore wind mills, Related areas:  Durability of materials in marine environment, Underwater welding repairs, Inspection of structure, Environmental impact of offshore installations (eg. Bio), Supervision and maintenance of installations, Fluid flow and fluid dynamics, energy storage.


        Non-Destructive Evaluation and control


        Advanced computational techniques, Numerical Modelling and mathematics:       

        Cyber security, Machine learning/Artificial intelligence, Bio-mimetic, Partial Differential Equations, Related areas: Fluid mechanics, Bio-fluid dynamics


        Combustion technologies

        Modelling of turbulent combustion, Kinetics and ageing of energetic materials, Flamelet models, Solid and liquid propellant combustion


        16:30 - 17:00 - Coffee break



        Particulate and colloids/interface technologies, Granular materials

        Rheology, Aerosols and colloids, Nano-particle growth and aggregation


        Marine Biotechnologies

        Ultrafast light induced processes, Femto chemistry and Femto biology, Drugs from marine sources


        Hardware and Robotics

        Machine/computer architecture, Embedded systems, Swarm robotics, Medical devices (Handheld)


        18:30 - End of the session


        Indian Participants (Indian Institute of Technology Goa):


        • Prof. MISHRA Barada Kanta, Director

        • Prof. GAJANANA Gaonkar Prabhu

        • Dr. KORE Sachin Dnyandeo

        • Dr. GEORGE Clint Pazhayidam

        • Dr. ROY Rudranarayan

        • Dr. THAJUDEEN Thaseem

        • Dr. NARAYAN Rishikesh

        • Dr. PRAMANICK Bidhan

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