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      • [Professional exhibition] Focus on EMSO ERIC

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        EMSO manages Regional Facilities hosting ocean observatories through the water column down to abyss, from polar to subtropical environments. Throughout the almost 30 parameters measured, the scientific activities carried out are multidisciplinary and cover the fields: Seismicity, Gas hydrate stability, Seabed fluid flow, Submarine landslides, Submarine volcanism, Geo hazard early warning, Ocean acidification & solubility pump, Biological pump, Hypoxia, Deep-ocean biogeochemical fluxes, Continental shelf pump, Climate forcing of ecosystems, Molecules to microbes, Fisheries, Marine noise, Deep biosphere, Chemosynthetic ecology, Ocean warming, Deep-ocean circulation, Benthic and water column interactions.


        EMSO - the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water column Observatory aims to explore the oceans, to gain a better understanding of phenomena happening within and below them, and to explain the critical role that these phenomena play in the broader Earth systems. EMSO consists in a system of regional facilities placed at key sites around Europe; the facilities are equipped with multiple sensors, they constantly measure different biogeochemical and physical parameters. EMSO data allow interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary methodological approaches across temporal and spatial scales for marine environmental research.

        Latest news

        EMSO Generic Instrument Module (EGIM), developed to homogenise measurements of the Essential Ocean Variables, successfully underwent a first long term deployment test at EMSO Azores. TNA:


        Manager: Juanjo DANOBEITIA

        Coordinator of EMSO ERIC communication: Alessandra GIUNTINI

        Via di Vigna Murata 605, 00143 Rome, Italy

        Tel: 39 06 45 43 10 40

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