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      • [Professional exhibition] Focus on HYDRONALIX Inc.

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        Founded in 2009, Hydronalix has become a recognized international leader in robotics innovation for beach and flood rescue with the successful patented Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard (EMILY) product line. At Hydronalix, our focus is on the development of small expendable maritime robotic technologies to support missions ranging from search and rescue, bathymetric mapping and underwater ISR, to meteorological station keeping and data gathering, in challenging open ocean, brown water, and littoral marine environments.


        Hydronalix will display its new SONAR EMILY which is a highly robust expeditionary robotic platform compliant with commercial airline travel, yet capable of 4-8 hours of imaging on single battery charge. Packed with its airline bag, the USV weighs less than 23 kilos as does its support gear bag. The side scan imaging sonar is a high definition CHIRP Humminbird Helix system with a 400m-600m wireless range. The system was developed with the support of Navy Small Business Innovative Research Funding from U.S. Naval Air Systems Command. System demonstrations in local area can be arranged by request.

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        The Sonar technology offers a first-hand look to compare and contrast mapping of strategic waterways (ports and harbors) and captures data to evaluate for changes or issues that arise from all hazards; manmade or weather. 


        Manager: Nancy FISHER

        1691 W. Duval Commerce Ct. #141

        85614 Green Valley, USA

        +1 520 203 8351


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