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      • Le 10/09/2018
      • [Professional exhibition] Focus on SBG SYSTEMS

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        SBG Systems’ INS and MRU are ideal for Sonar, Lidar, and Buoy orientation & positioning; ROV and AUV control; camera stabilization; and on-board antenna tracking.


        SBG Systems is a leading supplier of both high performance & cost effective Inertial Navigation Systems, the sensors being used on barges, or instrumented buoys, and the high performance ones rather for sonar stabilization, and image & point clouds georeferencing.

        SBG Systems’ sensors offer state-of-this-art components for light, small and cost-effective products.

        Latest news

        SBG Systems released earlier this year Navsight Marine Solution, a full high performance inertial navigation solution designed to made surveyors’ tasks easier on both shallow and deep water. Built on a proven technology, Navsight strengthens SBG Systems position as leading innovator in the marine technology market.






        Manager: Mr. Thibault BONNEVIE

        Sales Manager: Mr. Pierre INISAN

        1 avenue Eiffel – 78420 Carrières-sur-Seine - France

        Tel: +33 (0)1 80 88 45 00

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