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      • [professional exhibition] Focus on MARITECH SARL

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        Oceanographic, hydrographic, bathymetric and environmental instrumentation. Sonar systems


        MARITECH is currently supplying a wide range of underwater equipment and instrumentation including the Waverider wave measuring buoys, wave recorders and wave staffs as well as Side-Scan Sonar systems, Portable single and dual frequency Echo Sounders, Sub-Bottom Profilers,
        Side-Scan Sonar Imaging Systems, Swath Bathymetry Systems, GPS and DGPS cards and systems, DGPS Compass, CTD and Multiparameter underwater probes, acoustic current meters, profiling buoys, drifting and moored buoys, APEX autonomous profiling floats, specialist acoustic
        transducers and systems, water sampling systems, cables, connectors, moulded harnesses and ocean winches. We also handle the installation, commissioning and service for the SeaKeepers met-ocean monitoring systems in Europe.

        Latest news

        Maritech will be introducing the Soundnine range of inductive modems for direct reading or recording of intruments on moorings. Datawell have updated their software Waves4 for the complete range of wave buoys and all forms of transmission (HF Radio, Iridium, GSM etc.) and
        networked systems. Tritech have introduced several new version of their multibeam sonar Gemini including the world's smallest multibeam for small ROVs. Teledyne Webb offer a profiling float for the deep ocean (6000m). Kongsberg Geoacosutics have introduced a ligtweight version of their subbottom profiler Geochirp (Over side or towed mounting).



        Manager: M. Bruce SWALE

        Sales Director : M. Jean-François BOUCULAT

        800 Chemin St Joseph - 83310 GRIMAUD - France

        Tel: +33 (0)4 94 43 31 61

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