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      • [professional exhibition] Focus on Ouest Valorisation TTO

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        Ouest Valorisation SAS is the private afiliate of 26 academic institutions in the western part of France. Founded in July 2012, the company is responsible for the maturation, licensing and the transfer of technologies of six french major campuses to the commercial sector.


        Granted in the framework of a national initiative called “SATT” (société d’acceleration du transfert de technologies), Ouest Valorisation SAS protects and manages the intellectual property developed by more than 7000 full time equivalent faculty members, researchers, and technologists from universities, engineering schools hospitals and national research institutions loccaly present in academic reserch labs.

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        Discover our latest technologies on our website.


        SATT Ouest Valorisation

        Manager Vincent LAMANDE

        Communication: Charlotte PERIER

        14C, rue du Patis Tatelin, 35 000 Rennes, France

        Tél : 02 99 87 56 01


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