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      • Le 10/10/2016
      • [professional exhibition] Focus on NEOTEK

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      • Expertise:

        • Marine and scientific: Underwater Acoustics, Oceanography, Meteorology, Bathymetry

        • Navigation and Positioning: Navigation equipment, Satellite Positioning


        NEOTEK has the overall control of the development and integration of complex marine systems.

        Engineers develop instruments and design specific systems of our customers about acoustics, robotics, embedded electronics and software and sensor integration.

        Neotek combines the best suppliers to provide a wide range of solutions for monitoring, environmental monitoring, positioning and communication.

        Neotek is main actor of passive acoustic recorders with Rtsys products.

        Neotek offers innovative measures for current monitoring, wave monitoring, monitoring multiparameters sensors, underwater video, positioning solutions.

        Neotek provides the services in terms of operational maintenance about products and systems

        Latest news:

        NEOTEK presents a new range of RBR multi parameter probes

        New product :INSEA, acoustic sediment characterizer



        Manager: Mr. Claude PACHECO

        Manager BU Scientific: Mr. Didier CLEC'H

        85 Rue Michel Marion - 56850 CAUDAN - France

        Tel: +33 (0)2 97 89 87 20



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