Marin Observation : From seabed to space - 12 > 16 octobre 2020
      • Le 11/05/2020
      • Focus on the session "9th EUROGOOS conference: Europe's ocean observing and forecasting capacity "

      • Keywords: operational oceanography, observations, coastal, network, EOOS

        Conference organised by: Ifremer and Shom

        In partnership with: EuroGOOS
      • session EuroGOOS.jpg
      • ©9th EuroGOOS Conference : Advances in Operational Oceanography : Expending Europe's ocean observing and forecasting capacity

        The EuroGOOS triennal international conference provides a forum for a broad range of implementers and users of operational oceanography services, including marine scientists and technologists, private companies, and policymakers. The conference reviews the present ocean monitoring and forecasting capacities and oceanographic services, and identifies new science and technology priorities. It facilitates dialogue, experience sharing and future planning with both European and international partners and stakeholders, towards a more coordinated response to global challenges and societal needs related to seas and oceans.

        Recent developments specifically targets networking and cooperation in ocean observing, modelling, data management and ocean services to society.



        Organisation committee


        • Ifremer
        • Shom
        • EuroGOOS


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