Sea Tech Week® 2022
      • Le 20/04/2020
      • Focus on the session "SEA-EU: Coastal observation across Europe – the role of images and instrumentation"

      • Keywords: Europe, coastal, image, observation

        Session organised by: UBO and CNRS

        In partnership with: SEA-EU alliance i.e. CAU (Kiel), UCA (Cadiz), UG (Gdansk), UNIST (Split) and UM (Malta)
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      • The SEA-EU alliance brings together 6 internationally-recognised universities – Brest, Kiel, Cadiz, Gdansk, Split, Malta - which have in common a coastal situation and an intensive involvement in research to gain a better understanding and management of the marine environment. Projects supported by P2I (Pôle Image et Instrumentation, a technical platform mutualized between the marine research laboratories of UBO) will be presented: on sandy beaches morphological monitoring, or, on mussel distribution monitored by drone aerial imagery. This will be completed by contributions from SEA-EU partners using images in their coastal research, creating the occasion to illustrate the research diversity and complementarity of SEA-EU in Coastal observation.



        Delphine MUTHS, UBO


        • Université de Bretagne Occidentale
        • SEA-EU
        • Pôle Image et Instrumentation


  • Campus mondial de la mer
  • Union Européenne
  • Région Bretagne
  • Brest Métropôle
  • Technopôle Brest Iroise
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