Marin Observation : From seabed to space - 12 > 16 octobre 2020
      • Le 16/09/2018
      • PROGRAMME OF THE SESSION: "O1 - MOQESM: Robotics/Underwater engineering (Part III)"

      • Wednesday 10th October a.m. | Room 7
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      • Organised by:  ENSTA Bretagne,

        Keywords: robotics, AUV, exploration, oscillating water column

        (Session in English)

        Within the framework of our collaborations with  Ocean University of China, this workshop will be a time of exchanges on engineering in underwater robotics.



        09:00 Introduction - CLEMENT Benoît, ENSTA Bretagne


        09:15 LI Ming, Ocean University of China

        Modelling and Control for Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter


        09:35 DONG Junyu, Ocean University of China

        Underwater 3D reconstruction based on multi-spectral photometric stereo


        09:55 YANG RuiOcean University of China

        Hardware in the loop simulation Applied to AUV control


        10:15 Coffee break


        10:45 SOLA Yoann, ENSTA Bretagne

        Machine learning pour le pilotage robuste de robots sous-marins


        11:05 COQUET Charles, THALES Underwater Systems

        A Local Charged Particle Swarm Optimization to track an underwater mobile source


        11:25 Departure to ENSTA Bretagne

        12:30 Lunch

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