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      • Le 08/06/2018
      • Sea Tech Week joint workshop on Doppler Oceanography From Space (10t-12th Oct. 2018) | SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT

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      • Satellite missions that measure surface velocities using Doppler radars are opening new perspectives for the monitoring and analysis of oceans, including sea ice, with a direct measurement of currents, winds and waves from past and existing missions (Envisat, Sentinal 1) that are limited to a fixed line of sight component and sparse / partial coverage of the oceans, to future atdifferent stages of planning and proposal (SKIM, WaCM, SEASTAR), a vast variety of instrument designs and signal processing steps are possible. This workshop will bring together instrument and processing experts with the ocean science community to address a wide range of topics that will feed into the processing and design of existing and future missions.   


              Registration and abstract submission are free and now available.


              Deadline for submission : June 30th


              Authors must provide a 500 words abstract in plain text. Presented abstracts will be eligible for publication in a proceedings.

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