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      • Le 22/08/2016
      • [professional exhibition] Focus on AnHydre

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        Advice and sales of scientific instrumentation and sampling equipment


        Anhydre is a distributor specializing in the consulting and sales of measuring instruments and sampling equipment for knowledge, monitoring of wildlife and natural aquatic environments. We represent manufacturers internationally recognized in their fields of expertise:

        • Physical and chemical measurements in the laboratory and in the field: current, wave, tide, flow, level, meteorology, temperature, salinity, DO2, chlorophyll, cyanobacteria, nutrient toxicity are among the proposed parameters
        • Multi-parameter sondes, handhelds, autonomous recorders, CTD for vertical profile
        • In water digital imaging for classification of plankton
        • Monitoring buoys and stations with data and alarms transmission, web publishing, multi-users data sharing
        • In water sondes for CO2, HAP, CH4
        • Automatic & robotic analyzers for chemistry
        • Integration solutions for multi-sensor and remote transmission
        • Tags and acoustic telemetry (migration, behaviour in local habitat, invasives species, prays and predators…)



        Manager: M. Christian HARITCHABALET

        General Manager: M. Rodolphe ROMA LUCIOW

        11, rue de l'égalité - 08320 Vireux-Molhain - France

        Tel: +33 (0)3 24 40 11 07


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