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      • [professional exhibition] Focus on GLENAIR FRANCE

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        Aeronautics / Spatial / Military / Industrial / Railway


        Glenair offers a dozen, full-spectrum product lines designed to meet every interconnect requirement, including a broad range of military qualified and commercial connectors.       

        Latest news:

        New products: Series 185-002 Hi-Beam / Opto-electronic interconnect solutions



        Manager: Mr. Larry LERNER

        Administration and Finance Manager: Mr. Alain LE SAUX

        Central Parc 2 - 7, Avenue Parmentier - 31200 TOULOUSE - FRANCE

        Tel: +33 5 34 40 97 40


        Series 185-002 Hi-Beam

        Commercial and military customers now depend on optical interconnect technology due to its many advantages over electrical transmission systems.

        Sealed expanded beam interconnect technology prevents water, mud, dust oil and other chemicals from contaminating the optical path and deteriorating system performance.

        Connector housings are available in a variety of material and finish choices, including cadmium-free and RoHs-compliant options. Boots, grips, and seal are available in a range of materials as well.

        Expanded beam advantage:

        • Beam expansion dramatically reduce loss due to contamination
        • Large ball lens facilitates easy cleaning
        • Fully intermateable with all MIL-DTL683526/20 and /26 compliant connectors
        • 2 and 4 channel insert arrangements
        • Expanded beam lens insert also available in D38999 packaging






        Opto-electronic interconnect solutions

        Unlock the huge bandwidth of optical fiber and dramatically reduce the size and weight of interconnect systems.

        Glenair leverages its extensive portfolio of military and aerospace interconnect products to bring you ruggedized opto-electronic solutions, converting signals between the electrical domain and the fiber domain.

        These opto-electronic products are designed for harsh military/aerospace system and subsystem environments and will operate reliability over very wide temperature ranges and high shock and vibration conditions.

        They have been optimized to minimize size, weight and power consumption and offer electrical-to-fiber conversion for Ethernet, video, signal aggregation and high-speed digital signals.

        Glenair also offers integration of electronics or opto-electronics into rugged connector packages and cables assemblies per specific customer requirements.

        We offer rapid response in-house electrical/PCB design and mechanical connector/backshell engineering from our vertically integrated factory.

        Our product portfolio is constantly evolving.

        Avantage of Glenair opto-electronic:

        • Reduced size, weight and power consumption
        • Leverages the virtues of fiber optics: EMI immunity, network security, increased transmission distance and high bandwidth
        • High shocks and vibration to support Mil/aero applications
        • Wide operating temperature range: - 40°C to +85°C and beyond
        • Designed IAW military and aviation requirements: MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-461, DO160 and others






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