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      • [professional exhibition] Focus on Geomod and OceanWise

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        Geomod develops software solutions around standard cartographic products, including ENC, for navigation or geomatics purpose. Geomod is involved in IMO-IHO Working Groups responsible for the development of these standards.


        Geomod is the software editor of:

        • KarMor : Kernel of a maritime chart display system, compliant with the ECDIS standard, integrated by IFREMER and GENAVIR on board of research vessels.
        • *_MARINE : cartographic software elements of the DCNS GALAXI project dedicated to military applications aboard submarines and surface ships.
        • WMS_MARINE : server producing a cartographic image compliant with the S52 standard.
        • ULHYSSES : Software suite for automatic production of charts (ENC, bENC, CLB) from bathymetric surveys.
        • ePilotBook : Mobile application for harbor pilots, displaying port and bathymetric ENC, AIS, anemometers, passage plans, etc.) and providing query capabilities, target tracking, positioning, distance measurement, ETA, etc.


        Latest news

        Geomod demonstrates ULHYSSES Robot, the robotized version that automatically ensures an updated coverage of bathymetric ENCs.




        Manager: M. Claude YVON

        Marine activity manager: M. Pol LE BIHAN

        41 rue du Château - 29200 Brest - France

        Tel: +33 (0)2 98 05 55 91


        OceanWise Ltd



        We are an independent company specialising in all aspects of marine environmental data acquisition, data management, GIS and other services. We use our extensive expertise to solve offshore environmental and engineering challenges through close relationships with instrument manufacturers, software vendors and standards bodies to provide our customers with comprehensive, cost effective end-to-end marine and coastal data management and decision support.


        Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing (EDSP) Port-Log installed systems and on-line hosted services to provide real time environmental data, from any sensor, direct to the web, smart phones, computer or alternatively to VTS.

        Maritime Toolbar our Enterprise GIS operational efficiency software tools make tasks such as hydrographic survey planning, licensing and dredging, asset management and environmental sampling and reporting much easier for our port and coastal authority customers. Learn how ports in the UK are benefitting from using this software.

        Ocean Database (ODB) is a complete data management solution that loads and stores many standard types of simple and complex marine and environmental monitoring data. Associated parameters used in quality control and metadata creation are included, facilitating onward data exchange and use.

        Marine Mapping - Marine Themes is our Vector data product depicting marine geographic features, Marine Themes Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a detailed model of the seabed, currently covering North West Europe, while the Raster Charts provide quick background data ready-to-run in GIS format. All mapping products are available for French waters.

        Latest news

        Port-Log now benefits from having an advanced wave processing algorithm. The algorithm, developed by a market leading provider of waves processing software to the oil and gas industry, provides continuity and consistency to customers wishing to extend a long-term data record or compare their measurements with modelled data or data processed by proprietary systems.  This enables users to browse and view wave parameters, such as directional spectra, and partitioned time series, in real-time or historically, alongside other environmental datasets contained within the Port-Log system.


        OceanWise Ltd

        Marketing director : Mr. John Pepper

        Technical Director : Mr. Mark Jonas

        Dovedale House, 16 Butts Road - GU34 1NB Alton - UK

        Tel: +44(0) 1420 768262



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