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      • Le 04/10/2016
      • [professional exhibition] Focus on HAPTION

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      • Expertise:

        HAPTION designs, manufactures and sells haptic devices with professional quality, suited to the needs of its customers, both industrial and academic.

        A haptic interface is a computer device, which enables its user to interact with a software application or with a virtual object through the sense of touch. It consists in an articulated mechanical structure with motors and position sensors, as well as embedded electronics. The user holds the end-point of the structure in his hand, and can move it around, both in the real and in the virtual world on the computer screen. Whenever his virtual hand makes contact with a digital object, a force value is sent to the motors, which simulate a real contact.


        Virtuose 6D implemented with industrial, medical, and robotic applications



        Manager: Mr. Pierre Vercruysse

        ZI route de Laval - 53210 Soulge sur Ouette - France

        Tel: +33 (0)2 43 64 51 20

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