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      • [professional exhibition] Focus on ISI FISH SAS

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        Instrumentation, satellite imageries, GPS buoy, engineering in the fishing industry


        Isi-Fish are a marketing and consulting company specialising in geolocation, fishing gear and satellite data services for the professional fishing industries (tropical tuna fishing and longline), offshore activities (monitoring of stationary or drifting objects – marine pollution) and scientific research (data streams and catch alarms).

        Our Products: GPS satellite buoys, radio buoys, sensors, satellite data systems.

        Market region: France, Reunion, Mayotte, Seychelles, New Caledonia, French Polynesia. 

        Latest news

        • The Fishing vessel control system Watching Man Pro allows the supervision of fishing areas and fish traceability for a responsible and sustainable management of marine resources.

        • The Satellite echo sounder buoy M3i+  bi frequencies 50 kHz and 200 Khz allows the user to check the presence or absence of fish and help to discriminate sizes and species.


        ISI FISH SAS

        Mr. Gildas BODILIS

        10A rue du moulin à vent - 29900 Concarneau - France

        Tel : +33 (0)2 98 98 60 30


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