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      • Le 30/08/2016
      • [professional exhibition] Focus on KENTA

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      • Expertise

        • Software Defined Radio based technologies
        • Radio measurements, EMC, coverage prediction and planning
        • Delivery of Turn-key Radio-communication systems
        • Unique RF expertise mainly in MF and HF
        • Internal R&D; Technological and Financial Independence; Early Adaptor; Fast Prototyping


        KENTA is a specialist of analog and digital radio-communication systems both for transmission an reception and in the MF/HF/VHF/UHF frequency bands. KENTA has developed a complete coastal stations product line for coastal surveillance and maritime safety and distress (GMDSS) purpose. KENTA has also its own test laboratories for radio, EMC and environmental tests (vibration, temperature etc.)

        KENTA is a key provider of Software Defined Radio (SDR) technologies for Transport Safety&Security (Maritime; Air; Rail; Road), Defense&Aerospace (HF/VHF&UHF Radar), Internet of Things (IoT); Broadcast&Telecommunications and other industries.

        Latest news

        KENTA delivered turn-key GMDSS System for the Korea Coast Guard in 2016



        Manager: Mr. Pascal OLIVIER

        Le Rouillen, route du Stangala - 29500 Ergué-Gabéric - France

        Tel: +33 (0)2 98 52 16 02


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