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      • Le 15/09/2016
      • [professional exhibition] Focus on PRIMEGPS

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      • Expertise:

        Marine Positioning, Geophysics, Hydrography, Machine guidance systems, sales after repair, Fishing, Rent.

        Presentation  :

        With a long experience and a great knowledge of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), Hydrography, Machine Guidance Systems and Geophysics, PrimeGPS offers a wide range of products for marine or terrestrial applications and provides advice and technical support in choosing the solution to your positioning and navigation equipment needs. PrimeGPS will also assist you in the setting up and training on the use of your selected systems. We also remain at your disposal to help you with your further technical requirements.

        Contact :


        Manager: Mr. Olivier HAMELIN

        06 rue Marcel Dassault – ZAC Maison Neuve - 44980 SAINTE-LUCE-SUR-LOIRE - FRANCE

        Tel: +33 2 40 57 37 20

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