Marin Observation : From seabed to space - 12 > 16 octobre 2020

Choose how you want to attend the virtual Sea Tech Week® in 3 steps


You want to attend the paying e-conference of Sea Tech Week®

The access is submitted to registration(1), with the following rates:

  • Full pass: €150 inc. tax
  • Partner pass: €60 inc. tax
  • Student pass: €10 inc. tax
  • Speakers and session organisers: free of charge(2)

Please note that this STEP1 is not required to attend the sessions 'Interreg TIGER' and 'EOOS Ocean Technology Forum'. Go directly to STEP 2.


Click here to REGISTER to the E-Conference

  Deadline to register: October 8th, 16 p.m. (Paris Time)


If you don't want to attend the e-conference, go to the STEP 2.


(1) Except the sessions 'EOOS Open Technology Forum' and 'Interreg TIGER', which are free of charge. Go directly to the STEP 2.

(2) Following the rules defined for the organisation of 'invited sessions'



You want to participate to B2B meetings.

The access is free of charge but don't forget to schedule your B2B meetings before the event.

Visitors and attendees of the e-conference (whatever the session) can participate to B2B meetings, a great opportunity to discuss between speakers, visitors, organisers, attendees...


Click here to SCHEDULE your B2B Meeting

  Opening: 1st October


If you don't want to schedule B2B meetings, go to the STEP 3.



You want to:

  • visit the professional exhibition, and the posters and press halls (free of charge) from October 12th to December 16th
  • discuss with the exhibitors (free of charge) from October 13th to 15th
  • attend the paying e-conference (STEP 1 required) from October 12th to 16th
  • Register for free to access to the sessions 'Interreg TIGER' and/or 'EOOS Ocean Technology Forum' (STEP 1 not required)


Click here to ENTER the virtual Sea Tech Week®

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