Sea Tech Week® 2022
      • Le 01/07/2022
      • Discover the content of the session: "France India Workshop on Ocean Technology towards advanced Knowledge and sustainable Development"

      • A session gathering scientists and engineers from France and India to discuss avenues for cooperation in marine science and technologies, echoing the bilateral roadmap on the blue economy and ocean governance which has been established in the wake of the French government’s Indopacific strategy and the government of India’s Deep Ocean Mission program.

        Topics: Underwater Vehicles and Marine Instrumentation (including sensors, instruments/tools, systems for ocean exploration); Ocean Observation Platforms and Data Acquisition (focus on deep-sea extreme environments); Technologies for Coastal Zone Management; Blue Economy; Deep-sea Ecosystems.
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      • Session organised by:

        IFREMER (France) and the India National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) (India)


        Wednesday 28th September 2022

        • 08.30am – Welcome and introduction by the co-convenors NIOT and IFREMER
        • 08.35am – Opening speeches by Dr. G.A.Ramadass, Director, NIOT India, and Patrick Vincent, Deputy Director, IFREMER


        PART 1 – Underwater vehicles and instrumentation
        (Chair: IFREMER; co-Chair: NIOT)


        • 09.05am – Keynote by Jan Opderbecke, Ifremer


        • 09.30am – Mechanical Engineering Challenges in the development of Polar remotely operated vehicle (PROVe)
          D.Sathianarayanan(1), S.B.Pranesh(1), Tamshuk Chowdhury(1), E.Chandrasekar(1), M.Murugesan(1), M.Radhakrishnan(1), S.Ramesh(1), and G.A. Ramadass(1)
          (1) National Institute of Ocean Technology, India


        • 09.45am - Development and sea trials of Ifremer's 6000m depth rated AUV UlyX
          Jan Opderbecke(16), and Lorenzo Brignone(16)
          (16) IFREMER, France


        • 10.00am – EuroFleets+: Equipment innovations for deep sea operations from vessels
          Arturo Castellon(122)
          (122) UTM.CSIC, Spain


        • 10.15am – Coffee break


        • 10.45am – Design and development of a dual mode low frequency sonar and its preliminary performance
          D. S. Sreedev(1), K. Arumugam(1), P. M. Rajeshwari(1), M. Sankar(1), Shibu Jacob(1), Dhilsha Rajapan(1), and G A Ramadass(1)
          (1) National Institute of Ocean Technology NIOT, India


        • 11.00am – Habitat mapping of deep-water coral habitats using underwater vehicles multibeam data
          Ridha Fezzani(16)
          (16) IFREMER, France


        • 11.15am - Qualification of buoyancy foam for underwater structure
          Maeleen Le Gall(16)
          (16) IFREMER, France


        • 11.30 – Challenges in the design and development of electrical systems for deep water manned submersible - MATSYA 6000
          Subramanian Annamalai(1), Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan(1), Vedachalam Narayanaswamy(1), Ramesh Sethuraman(1), Ramadass G.A(1)
          (1) National Institute of Technology (NIOT), India


        • 11.45am to 12.00am – Discussion and wrap up


        PART 2 – Technologies for a sustainable ocean and environment, and Blue Economy
        (Chair: NIOT; Co-chair: IFREMER)


        • 03.15pm – Keynote of Prof (Dr). M.A.Atmanand, IIT-M,Chennai, India on Blue economy


        • 03.40pm - Deep-sea hydrothermal vent ecosystem functioning: the case of the MAR shrimps Rimicaris
          Marie-Anne Cambon(123), Florence Pradillon(123), and collaborators
          (123) Ifremer, BEEP UMR6197 Ifremer, Univ Brest, CNRS


        • 03.55pm – Design and development of sampling tools for the deepwater remotely operated vehicle (ROSUB 6000)
          Sathianarayanan.D(1), Pranesh S.B(1), Chanrasekar E(1), Murugesam.M(1), Radhakrishnan(1), S.Ramesh(1), and Ramadass.G.A.(1)
          (1) National Institute of Ocean Technology, India   


        • 04.10pm - Fiber resin composite for underwater structure
          Mael Arhant(16)
          (16) IFREMER, France


        • 04.25pm - Efficiency of beach clean-ups and deposit refund schemes (DRS) to avoid damages from plastic pollution on the tourism sector in Cape Town, South Africa
          Aanchal Jain(124)
          (124) AMURE Joint Research Unit, France


        • 04.45pm - Coastal zone management through sustainable techniques – case studies on erosion and accretion impacts
          Lokesh Thiagarajan(1), Kiran A S(1), and Vijaya Ravichandran(1)
          (1) National Institute of Ocean Technology, India


        • 05.00pm - Performance of oceanographic sensors used in deep sea moored buoy systems in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea during normal and extreme events
          Kesavakumar B(1), Arul Muthiah M(1), Ramesh K(1), Vengatesan G(1), Jossia Joseph K(1), and Venkatesan R(1)
          (1) National Institute of Ocean Technology, India


        • 05.15pm to 05.30pm – Discussions and closing remarks
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