Sea Tech Week® 2022
      • Le 18/07/2022
      • Discover the content of the session: "Underwater noises: Understanding and Preventing it"

      • In the past hundred years, the anthropogenic noise introduced into the marine environment has reached unprecedented levels. Effects of shipping noise on individuals and populations range from communication masking, behavioural disturbance. Production of stress hormones, etc. which consequently negatively affect both the animal individual fitness and population dynamics.
        The purpose of this session concerns, on the one hand, all the systems or methods enable to prevent or reduce the pressure of shipping Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) on the marine environment and, on the other hand, all the methods allowing the quantification of the URN level. The latest advances in marine acoustics research will be presented: passive and active acoustics, impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine organisms (from invertebrates to marine mammals) and also at ecosystem level. Various stakeholders will be likely to participate in this session: researchers, manager of natural environments, public decision makers, entrepreneurs, shipping companies, etc.
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        IEEE OES France Chapter (France), Technopole Maritime du Québec (Canada) and Institut France-Québec Maritime (France-Canada)



        TUESDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2022


        • 9-9.45am
          Plenary talk on “The acoustic world of silence”
          Cedric Gervaise(55)
          (55) Chorus acoustics, France


        • 9.45-10.30am
          Plenary talk on the project Life PIAQUO

          Eric Baudin(53)
          (53) Bureau Veritas, France

        • 10.30-11am Coffee break

        • 11-11.20am
          SubSea Quieter® Pile Driving: A disruptive, low cost and highly efficient Noise Mitigation System
          Céline Drouet(56), Damien Demoor(56), Damien Marigliano(56)
          (56) GREENOV-ITES, France

        • 11.20-11.40am
          PIAQUO: practical implementation of the European project AQUO
          Christian Audoly(48), Philippe Courmontagne(48), Laetitia Roux(48), Eric Baudin(53), Thomas Folegot(54), and Cedric Gervaise(55)
          (48) Naval Group, France
          (53) Bureau Veritas, France
          (54) Quiet-Oceans, France
          (55) Chorus acoustics, France

        • 11.40-12am
          On the role of the tailored Green’s function within underwater radiated ship noise prediction
          Nicolas Trafny(48), Gilles Serre(48), Benjamin Cotté(49), and Jean-François Mercier(50)
          (48) Naval Group, Naval Research, France
          (49) IMSIA, ENSTA Paris, CNRS, CEA, EDF, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France
          (50) POEMS, ENSTA Paris, CNRS, INRIA, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France

        • 12-12.20am
          SHIP URN: UNIGE activities in the context of LIFE-PIAQUO Project
          Stefano Gaggero(51), Tomaso Gaggero(51), Giorgio Tani(51), Diego Villa(51), Enrico Rizzuto(51), and Michele Viviani(51)
          (51) Università degli studi di Genova, Italy



        • 3.15-4.30pm
          Plenary talk on the MARS project
          The Marine Acoustic Research Station (MARS) project: a unique infrastructure to determine the noise generated by ships and search for mitigation solutions
          By Guillaume St-Onge(179) and Sylvain Lafrance(179)
          (179) ISMER-UQAR, Canada

        • 4.30-4.50pm
          (Title to precise)
          Kamal Kesour(178)
          (178) IMAR, Canada

        • 4.50-5.10pm
          (Title to precise)
          Jean-Christophe Gauthier-Marquis(178)
          (178) IMAR, Canada

        • 5.10-5.30pm Coffee break

        • 5.30-5.50pm
          Silence of Global Oceans: Acoustic Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown
          Artash Nath(57)
          (57) Monitor My Ocean, Canada

        • 5.50-6.10pm
          Underwater noises monitoring using DORI underwater acoustic recorders
          Caroline Magnier(52)
          (52) ABYSSENS, France

        • 6.10-6.30pm
          Experimental study and control of a hydrofoil generating a tonal noise
          Paul François(58), Jacques-André Astolfi(58), and Xavier Amandolese(59)
          (58) Ecole Navale, France
          (59) CNAM, France




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