Sea Tech Week® 2022
      • Le 01/09/2022
      • This year, a special focus on women in marine science

      • Several women involved in marine science and technology fields will be honoured during this 13th edition of the event. In this context, we would like to give our community players the opportunity to put some women in the spotlight.
        Here are some portraits of women who are widely involved in the maritime field.


        France Energies Marines, which conducts a session, wanted to highlight Emma Araignous, a research engineer in modelling tools and the ecosystem approach.






        The Engineering school ENSTA Bretagne is member of the organising comitee and hosts the session EuroSwac. ENSTA Bretagne is proud of counting among their team Flore Samaran, who is an associate professor. She works in passive acoustics.





        The Shom, the French hydrographic service, will have a booth within the exhibition but also conduct a session
        has a wide range of dynamic and motivated women in their teams : 184 women work at Shom. They get different kind of expertise such as hydrographer, cartographer, scientifics, chemists, analysts, oceanographer.

        The women of this dynamic maritime ecosystem from all around the world encourage young recruits to get involved in these engaging and stimulating maritime fields for the future.


        Sarah Fear, Knowledge Exchange Manager, Environmental Futures and Big Data Impact Lab & Plymouth’s Marine e-charging Living Lab (MeLL), the UK
        “The maritime industry is still mainly occupied by men, it takes commitment to prove yourself as a woman and determination to succeed. By building strong relationships and networks and through gaining relevant expertise and knowledge you will be taken seriously and your voice can be one of influence.”
        Sarah is convenor of the session “University of Plymouth's Cyber-ship Lab and Marine e-Charging Living Lab



        Carole Bourlon, Manager of the competitive sailing and composite sectors, Bretagne Développement Innovation, France
        ”Your unconditional passion for the sea in all its dimensions will be the starting point for a rich and intense career in the world of marine science and technology. Join us now, we need you!”
        Carole is convenor of the session “Wind Propulsion: Blending regional initiatives, national developments, and international networks for sustainable shipping”



        Lise Detrimont, Executive Director for the Wind Ship Association
        ”Don't look for a place to take, create one that suits you”
        Lise is convenor of the session Wind Propulsion: Blending regional initiatives, national developments, and international networks for sustainable shipping”





        Victoria Rose Naylor, Experienced researcher & communicator| MSc graduate + working for JET Engineering System Solutions, the UK
        ”There are a variety of tips I could provide, such as pick a job you are passionate about and set ambitious targets and always take a chance. However, the main advice is: be prepared to encounter barriers, people may ignore you, make assumptions about you, and not realise your expertise. But remember you do have expertise, and don't let impostor syndrome get the better of you. Your work and presence in these spaces is important now and for future generations, seek out those who do support you and keep them close to you. ”
        Vicky is convenor of the session “Enabling Net-Zero through 5G at Sea”


        Marie Robert, Offshore Renewable Energy R&D project manager, France Energies Marines, France
        ”Take time to cultivate your passions, for pleasure and to make them your strengths. Follow your professional and personal desires in the long term, rather than making short-term choices. Work on your self-confidence, so that you can assert yourself once in your job. ”
        France Energies Marines convenor of the session “Distributing hydrogen from offshore wind farms as a fuel for ships .




        Gwendoline Blandin-Roger, Managing Director Thales Underwater Systems, Thales France
        Gwendoline Blandin-Roger, Vice-President, Thales UWS :
        ”I would like to tell the students that they will find exciting jobs at Thales Underwater Systems, and a world in which their personal qualities will be recognised, because they will really make a difference”.
        Thales is part of our exhibitors within Sea Tech Week®.





        Nathalie Leidinger, lab manager, Shom : ” There are still too few women engineers involved in the maritime sector, even though these jobs offer exciting opportunities. Challenge yourself, develop self-confidence, leadership skills and you will express your full potential in this field. ”

        Shom is part of our exhibitors within Sea Tech Week and French Congress of Sedimentology. The etablishment is also convenor of the session “What does the IMO e-Navigation S-100 bring to maritime transport?





        Dr. Koena Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology Silchar, India

        ”Women can fit into any role and responsibilities given to them as water takes the shape of it's vessel. Together we the women will shape the future of the blue economy with the help of marine science and technology.”

        National Institute of Technology Silchar is a convenor of the session “Navigation and control of Underwater vehicles»



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