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      • Press Release June. 2022 - Sea Tech Week® 2022: At the heart of global environmental issues

      • Sea Tech Week® takes place in Brest every two years, organised by Technopôle Brest-Iroise. It is now a firm fixture on major international events calendars. Between 26 and 30 September this year, the 13th iteration will attract a thousand people from around the world. Its focus will be on the now increasingly vital subject of the environment.
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      • The members of Campus mondial de la mer have chosen to dedicate Sea Tech Week® 2022 to the central theme of ‘Maritime transport, towards smarter & greener solutions’. This theme will be explored in depth throughout the week in Brest. Between Monday 26 and Friday 30 September, three plenaries and thirty-one sessions will cover a wide range of subjects, most of which focus on designing solutions to limit the environmental impact of maritime transport. In particular, the programme will include adapting to climate change, technologies to reduce chemical, plastic and sound pollution, developing marine renewable energies and sustainable propulsion solutions, designing lower environmental impact vessels, and research into port ecology, as well as financing and decarbonising maritime transport.

        In addition, Sea Tech Week® will have two main threads running through it: training for marine-related professions and the role women play in marine science and technology.


        How marine renewable energies can complement maritime transport

        Among the themes to be addressed during our parallel sessions, using hydrogen as a complementary energy carrier in industrial and mobility applications is garnering interest globally.

        Marie Robert, an engineer with a doctorate in hydrodynamics, works for France Énergies Marines, the French Institute for Energy Transition based in Brest. She coordinates the OPHARM project to link offshore wind with hydrogen production. Marie will be on the panel for the session on ‘Using hydrogen from offshore wind farms to fuel shipping’ on 28 September.

        This session aims to explore the benefits and challenges of implementing a network of stations to distribute both hydrogen and renewable ammonia at sea: “Optimising the supply of green energy suitable for maritime transport could present a major opportunity, both for the transport sector and for offshore wind. It’s a pretty original concept, and one we’ll be examining from different angles with our panel of experts.


        Anne-Caroline Hebrard, engineer in charge of the EuroSwac project at the University of Exeter in the UK
        © DR

        Green solutions go international

        This year, India is following in the footsteps Australia took in 2020, with its expertise to be showcased at the event. India is a major maritime country, with which the Campus mondial de la mer community has enjoyed a strong relationship since 2018 – in particular through the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Goa. Top-level officials, researchers and business people will visit from India, and three sessions will highlight the promising exchanges between our two countries. The first will be hosted by the Institut Français, the French Embassy and CNRS in India on 26 September, the second by the IIT Goa and the National Institute of Technology Silchar on 27, and the third by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) and Ifremer on 28. Official delegations from India and Norway will be presenting research at this year’s Sea Tech Week®. Participants will also be able to hear about research by experts from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

        For instance Anne-Caroline Hebrard, lead engineer on the Euroswac project at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, will present a session on 27 September entitled ‘Highly efficient innovative Sea Water Air Conditioning solutions’ (SWAC). She explains:

        Euroswac is a European partnership between British and French academics and industry experts to develop a system for cooling buildings based on seawater. This is an energy-saving technology that’s more environmentally friendly and could benefit many potential customers on the Channel coast such as ports, data centres, aquaculture facilities and many more”.

        While the need for cooling in large coastal cities and ports is increasing, cooling is still mainly produced through chillers, a technology that uses large amounts of electricity and refrigerants – which limits these cities’ ability to meet their European Union climate and energy targets. In order to develop innovative technologies such as the self-burying pipe system, the flexible pipe concept, the corrosion potential, and the temperature data logger, sea water air conditioning technology often needs to work closely with the maritime industry.


        Marie Robert, engineer and doctor in hydrodynamics at France Energies Marines
        © DR



        Registration still open!

        Registration for Sea Tech Week® 2022 still open. 

        Sea Tech Week® website: www.seatechweek.eu

        @SeaTechWeek / #SeaTech2022


        About Sea Tech Week®

        Sea Tech Week® is an international event dedicated to marine and maritime science and technology. It attracts over a thousand top international experts to Brest, France, every two years, representing a wide variety of ocean-related disciplines. Sea Tech Week® is a conference including science and technology talks, a professional trade fair, BtoB meetings, company and laboratory tours and a gala evening.

        This event provides scientists, companies, clusters, students and others the opportunity to share progress in research and innovation, forge a professional network of contacts and improve partnerships and cooperation.

        Sea Tech Week® is organised by Technopôle Brest-Iroise through Campus mondial de la mer, France’s premier community of experts in studying and working with the ocean, located at the tip of Brittany. This event is supported by Brest métropole, Brittany Region, the European Union (ERDF) and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa.


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Sea Tech Week

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