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Sea Tech Week

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      • Sea Tech Week ®, an event selected to be part of EMD in my country 2022.

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      • Next month, the European Maritime Days will take place in Ravena, Italy. But this will not be the only action to celebrate the seas and oceans. 
        The venue for the 2023 edition is already decided: Brest and Brittany will be illuminated by the European Maritime Days. The EMD will bring together the European maritime community to set up joint actions to promote a sustainable blue economy. Ocean leaders will meet to take stock of recent innovations and mobilise together to bring back answers to the many challenges of protecting the marine environment. 

        Sea Tech Week® organised by Technopôle Brest-Iroise and Campus mondial de la mer is perfectly in line with the continuity of events that aim at responding to the challenges of a blue and sustainable economy. 

        Since its creation, Sea Tech Week® has tended to become the must-attend event of Campus mondial de la mer open to the world on how to use the resources of the oceans in a sustainable and responsible manner. 

        Maritime transport is the theme in the spotlight this year and represents a pillar of international trade. Today, thinking about a greener and smarter mode of maritime transport is becoming urgent. 
        The sessions during the event will bring to light to the last innovations linked to smarts ports, cybersecurity, ships repairing and recycling, onboard-intelligence, pollution, maritime routes, coastal management, marine energy and so other many topics. 

        It is therefore natural that we are proud to announce that Sea Tech Week® has been chosen, among hundreds of other European events, to be part of the "EMD in my country 2022" action and thus to raise the European colours on this occasion. 




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Sea Tech Week

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