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Sea Tech Week

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      • Sea Tech Week® was endorsed as an Ocean Decade contribution

      • Sea Tech Week® was accepted as a one-off standalone initiative that contributes to  the Ocean Decade Challenges :

        • Understand and map land and sea-based sources of pollutants and contaminants and their potential impacts on human health and ocean ecosystems, and develop solutions to remove or mitigate them.
        • Generate knowledge, support innovation, and develop solutions for equitable and sustainable development of the ocean economy under changing environmental, social and climate conditions.

        Our international event aims at responding to several challenges of a sustainable development of the oceans such as gender equality, climate action, responsible consumption and production, industry, innovation and infrastructure, affordable and clean energy. The event calls for the mobilization of several actors to achieve this : Sea Tech Week® gets its strengths in the complementary nature of its network, comprising academics, scientists and economic and institutional stakeholders who work in the field of marine science and technology and the blue economy.

        Sea Tech Week® will contribute to providing solutions for

        • a healthy ocean where pollution is identified and removed,
        • a productive ocean supporting a sustainable food supply and a sustainable ocean economy and
        • an accessible ocean with open and equitable access to data, information, technology and innovation.

        The main theme (Maritime transport: towards smarter and greener solutions) will be developed under changing environmental, social and climate conditions, in terms of sustainable economy and scientific research but also training, jobs and women in marine science and technology.

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Sea Tech Week

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