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      • The European Commission launches the call for proposals "the Women in the Blue Economy"

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      • About the call

        The European Commission has launched the “Women in the Blue Economy” call for proposals under the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF). With a EUR 2.5 million budget, the call will help increase the participation of women in the different sectors of the blue economy, such as fisheries, aquaculture, shipbuilding, maritime transport, offshore renewable energy, blue bioeconomy, as well as inland and offshore aquaculture. Up to 2 projects are expected to be funded, with an exceptional co-funding of 90%.

        The objective is to overcome the existing constraints in all aspects of the maritime sector, in particular recruitment, training, capacity-building, technical cooperation and promotions, so that every person can fully and safely participate in the activities of the sustainable blue economy.

        The actions funded under this call will help sustainable blue economy sectors to embrace a deep and structural change to facilitate the inclusion of women in the wider maritime economy, thus contributing to a more gender equal society as a whole.

        Women at Sea Tech Week®

        Sea Tech Week® is also an opportunity to highlight women in marine science and technology:

        • Who are these women organising sessions of the Sea Tech Week® conference?


        Elodie Boileux and Carole Bourlon, Bretagne développement innovation

        Anne Choquet, University of Brest

        Agnese Diverres, Cedre

        Sarah Duduyer and Emmanuelle Platzgummer, Ifremer

        Sarah Fear and Chloe Rowland, University of Plymouth

        Mélusine Gaillard, France Energies Marines

        Anne-Caroline Hebrard, University of Exeter

        Nathalie Leidinger and Bénédicte Ezvan, Shom

        Victoria Naylor and Izzy Taylor, Engineering System Solutions Ltd

        Coralie Pauchet, ifqm

        Clémence Petiteau, France Cyber Maritime

        Anaïs Turpault, Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique






Sea Tech Week

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