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Sea Tech Week

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      • Discover the content of the session: The Concarneau meeting “Where industry meets science in marine biotechnology"

      • The international symposium « Les Rendez-Vous de Concarneau » takes place every two years at the Concarneau Marine Station. It is intended to be part of a continuum between the fundamental research developped within the laboratories concerned and the applications of this research in marine biotechnologies. The symposium brings together a group of experts from the world of fundamental and applied research and industrials with a link to the maritime field with multidisciplinary and complementary skills in biology (molecular biology, microbiology), embryology, ecology, ecophysiology, plant science and aquaculture.

        For this 2022 edition, the main theme is Bio-inspiration. We will focused on biomimetics on maritime transport during the session on Thursday 29 September as part of the Sea Tech Week at Brest: « Les Rendez-Vous de Concarneau invite themselves to Brest ». The 12th edition of the « Rendez-Vous de Concarneau » will be held on Friday 30 September at the Marine Biological Station of Concarneau. The meeting at Concarneau will be focused on biomaterials and bioadhesives with a visit to a structure with a bioinspiration project in Concarneau.
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      • Organizer

        MNHN Concarneau (France)

        Last update: July 7th


        Thursday 29th September, morning (Brest)


        Moderator: Guillian Graves(128)
        (128) Big Bang Project Agency, France


        Tarik Chekchak(129)
        (129) Futurs souhaitables Institute, France

        • 9:10-9:30
          Tarik Chekchak(129)
          (129) Futurs souhaitables Institute, France
        • 9:30-9:50
          Guillian Graves(128)
          (128) Big Bang Project Agency, France
        • 9:50-10:10
          Bioispiration from marine biodiversity and ecosystems
          Jian-Sheng Sun(130)
          (130) MNHN Concarneau, France
        • 10:10-10:30
          BLUEFINS: a foil to decarbonize maritime transport
          Olivier Giusti(131)(132)
          (131) BLUEFINS, France
          (132) Institut Universitaire des systèmes thermiques industriels (IUSTI), UMR 7343, France
        • 10:30-11:00 Coffee break
        • 11:00-11:20
          The Manta, a versatile bio-inspired ship
          Gwenaële Coat(133)
          (133) SEACLEANERS, France
        • 11:20-11:40
          FinX, the nautical revolution through bio-inspiration
          Harold Guillemin(134)
          (134) FinX, France
        • 11:40-12:00
          #Floating Reef : Bio-inspired mooring buoy to sustainably preserve Mediterranean marine life and ecosystems
          Gwen Lechat(135) and Olivier Bocquet(135)
          (135) Dotation Funds Pure Ocean, France

        Thursday 29th September, afternoon (Brest)


        Moderator : Jian-Sheng Sun(130)
        (130) MNHN Concarneau, France

        • 15:40-16:00
          Flying on Water: Air-induced friction-reducing ship coatings
          Elisabeth Banken(137)
          (137) FRAUNHOFER CML, Germany
        • 16:00-16:20
          Gary Bagot(138)
          (138) ELWAVE, France
        • 16:20-16:40
          Sabrina Hammouti(139)
          (139) ALPHANOV, France
        • 16:40-17:00

          Overview of biomimetic patented inventions in the maritime field, as derived from patent mapping analysis

          Damien Guiffant(215)

          (215) Vidon, France

        • 17:00-17:30 Coffee break / end


        Friday 30th September (Concarneau)

        • 9:00-9:10
          Introduction by Nadia Ameziane(130) and Hélène Salin(130)
          (130) MNHN Concarneau, France


        Moderator: Tarik Chechak(129)
        (129) Futurs souhaitables

        • 9:10-9:30
          Innovations inspired by nature
          Guillian Graves(128)
          (128) Big Bang Project Agency, France
        • 9:30-9:50
          Alain Renaudin(140)
          (140) NewCorp Conseil, France
        • 9:50-10:10
          A look back at 10 years of biobased composites exploration
          Emmanuel Poisson-Quinton(141)
          (141) Dotation Funds Explore, France
        • 10:10-10:30
          From nature’s design to marine bio-based materials for regenerative medicine
          Susanna Fernandes(142)
          (143) Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour
        • 10:30-10:50
          David Grégoire(143)
          (143) Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour
        • 10:50-11:10 Coffee break


        Moderator: Catherine Boyen(150)
        (150) Station Biologique de Roscoff, France

        • 11:10-11:30
          The sea urchin: a great source of inspiration for turning the invisible into the visible
          Marion Padioleau(144)
          (144) Finsulate France by Blue Innov, France
        • 11:30-11:50
          Claire Hellio(145)
          (145) Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France
        • 11:50-12:10
          Aiming for the stars: Characterization and production of sea star adhesive proteins for bio-inspired materials
          Patrick Flammang(146)
          (146) Université de Mons, Belgium
        • 12:10-12:20
          End by Jean-Paul Cadoret(147)
          (147) Algamafoods, France
        • 12:20-14:00 Lunch time


        • 14:00-18:00 Visits to: Explore and Mer Concept (Concarneau)


Sea Tech Week

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