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Sea Tech Week

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      • Discover the content of the session: "Sustainable polymer materials for marine applications"

      • This session will discuss the current status and future prospects of replacing current marine materials, particularly polymers and composites, with more sustainable alternatives. Two aspects will be discussed:

        > First, the options for reducing environmental impact of structures such as floating vessels and their equipment, (boats, ships, buoys, fishing gear…), which can be recovered at the end of their service life, will be presented. In this case the choice of improvements includes thermoplastic composites which can be recycled and biosourced polymers and fibres which have lower footprints and can be composted.

        > A second set of applications concerns structures which either risk accidental loss or are deliberately abandoned after service. In this case the ideal material will be completely biodegradable and leave no trace, and the options are more limited. The session welcomes contributions on both aspects.
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      • Organizers

        IFREMER (France)


        Last update July 13th



        Monday 26th September



        Natural fibre reinforcements

        Christophe Baley(155)

        (155) UBS, IRDL, France



        Glass or grass? Combining assessment to compare conventional and biologically-based tidal stream turbine blades material data and life cycle

        Stuart Walker(79)

        (79) University of Exeter, UK



        SeaBioComp - The effect of recycling of self-reinforced PLA composites on mechanical properties and durability

        Elke Demeyer(156)

        (156) CentexBel, Belgium



        How MerConcept is working towards the reduction of environmental impact of the maritime industry through collaborative projects  

        Fanny Ioos(157)

        (157) Mer Concept, France



        Coffee break



        Natural ageing of biopolymer in marine environment

        Dalyal Copin(5), Guy César(6), and Yves Grohens(7)

        (5) IRMA, France

        (6) POLYBIOAID, France

        (7) ComposiTIC, Université Bretagne Sud, France



        Innovative filaments for fishing gear   

        Louis Le Gué(16)

        (16) Ifremer, France



        Toward a sustainable Pearl farming industry: exploring new solutions to reduce plastic waste

        Margaux Crusot(8), Tutea Richmond(8), Cédrik Lo(9), Jean-Claude Gaertner(10), Marie-Joo Le Guen(11), and Nabila Gaertner-Mazouni(8)

        (8) Univ. Polynésie Française, IFREMER, ILM, IRD, EIO UMR 241, Tahiti, French Polynesia, France

        (9) CIV, Direction des Ressources Marines, Tahiti, French Polynesia, France

        (10) IRD, Univ. Polynésie Française, IFREMER, ILM, EIO UMR 241, Tahiti, French Polynesia, France

        (11) Scion, New Zealand



Sea Tech Week

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