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      • Esprit de Velox and UN Decade at Océanopolis

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      • François Frey participated as a speaker on July 6th in Brest during the symposium organized by the Ministry of Ecological Transition on French initiatives that contribute to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

        He brought the voice of the Esprit de Velox programme, which is developing the first Global Class research vessel with no operational environmental impact, at a time when ecosystems and the Ocean itself have entered a metamorphosis... with no return, therefore.

        Which Ocean Science to meet the challenges of systemic transformation?

        How to go beyond current practices, which most often separate the human from the living to "learn to think like the ocean"?

        To what extent can responsible research both inspire innovation and the transformation movement that is becoming more urgent every day?

        These themes will inspire the session "Esprit de Velox: one small step for seaman, one giant leap for mankind's maritime impact" on Wednesday 28th September during the Sea Tech Week, co-hosted with Eric Baudin from Bureau Veritas Solution Marine & Offshore.

        François Frey is an engineer from the National School of Arts and Crafts and a Navy Officer. He is the founder of the Esprit de Velox program, launched in 2014.



Sea Tech Week

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