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Sea Tech Week

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      • Discover the content of the session: "Opportunities offered by Hydrogene in the maritime world"

      • Decarbonization of maritime transport and hydrogen. Two round tables will focus on shipbuilding and hydrogen technologies, and the ecosystems needed for hydrogen shipbuilding.
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        Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI), France

        Moderator: Jennifer Ramsay, Green Talk


        Panelists and topics

        Round table on shipbuilding and hydrogen technologies with 2 shipyard owners:

        • Yannick Bian, CEO(175)
          (175) CBS, France (South Brittany naval Shipyard)
          known for its experience in the integration of complex systems and for its investment in the energy transition

        • Louis-Noël Viviès, CEO(214)
          (214) Energy Observer, France

        Round table on the ecosystems needed to make Brittany a leading region in France and Europe for hydrogen shipbuilding, with the testimony:

        • of a city with the testimony of Adrien Guillaume(142)
          (142) City of Lorient in Brittany

        • of a hydrogen specialist with Olivier Ticos, CEO(176)
          (176) Alca Torda, France (Design and engineering office, expert in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells)
          Olivier Ticos will present the Hylias project

        Course of the session

        TUESDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2022, 9.30am – 11.30am

        For each round table:

        • Introduction
        • Each panelist speaks on his or her topic
        • Discussions led by the moderator
        • Q&A with the audience
        • Wrap-up


Sea Tech Week

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