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Sea Tech Week

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      • Discover the content of the session: "Lower environmental impact for the new research vessel of FOF*"

      • *French Oceanographic Fleet

        The new regional vessel of the French Oceanographic Fleet will be the subject of an ambitious eco-design approach based on in-depth reflection on the stages of a campaign and their impact, and the choice of adjusted technical solutions, aimed at reducing its overall environmental footprint over its entire life.

        The construction of the vessel should be carried out with a limited environmental impact. An open and modular design and the choice of innovative solutions will aim to operate the vessel with a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 60%, with a minimum commitment of 30% reduction compared to the current situation of a vessel of the same size. To achieve this, this vessel will aim to be a "low consumption" vessel, as well as the optimisation of the ship's operation.
      • Le-navire-oceanographique-Thalassa-au-sud-de-l-ile-de-Groix.jpg
      • Photo credit: Ifremer. Michel Gouillou



        IFREMER (France)




        Presentation of Ifremer’s approach to the "low consumption” ship

        • General presentation: approach and objectives
          By Sarah Duduyer(16)
          (16) Ifremer, France


        • Round table with actors who took part in the approach
          Louis Marié(16), François Perroud(16), Erwan Nedelec(181), and Sarah Duduyer(16)
          Moderator : Arthur De Pas(16)
          (16) Ifremer, France
          (181) Genavir, France


        Technologies studied to reduce the environmental impact of the Oceanographic Vessel

        • Presentation of the innovative technologies that could respond to the problem; and explanation of the proposed choices that can be applied to a semi-capacity Oceanographic Vessel
          by Laurent Mermier(182)
          (182) Ship ST, France

        3.40pm Coffee Break


        Reducing the environmental impact of Oceanographic measurements: Other concepts

        • USV approach: choice of robotics without human factors
          by Marc Nokin(16)
          (16) Ifremer, France


        • Polar POD concept
          By Marc Nokin(16)
          (16) Ifremer, France
        • Environmental costs and benefits of Argo floats
          Noe Poffa(16)
          (16) Ifremer, France

        5pm End of the session


Sea Tech Week

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