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Sea Tech Week

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      • Discover the content of the session: "Esprit de Velox: one small step for seaman, one giant leap for mankind’s maritime impact"

      • Endorsed by the UN Decade of Ocean Science, Esprit de Velox is a Responsible Research and Innovation programme that crosses the scientific world’s requirement and the vision carried out by the companies engaged in the maritime ecological transition.

        > 30 crucial years for climate and biodiversity,
        > Emerging of the Ocean's key role in the metamorphosis of the Earth system,
        > Shared need for an exemplary scientific presence at sea,
        > Need to collect clean data and produce interdisciplinary knowledge from the vessel itself.

        These are both the observations and ambitions that are guiding an extraordinary path to the 70-metre ocean-going, positive impact vessel, designed to embark 50 people on board for transdisciplinary research campaigns from pole to pole, on the front line of climate and biodiversity.
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      • photo: Esprit de Velox / Illustration JF Vergne



        Convenors: Esprit de Velox (France) and Bureau Veritas Marine&Offshore (France)



        Last update: 26 August

        Speakers to confirm



        The path to Esprit de Velox: need for interdisciplinarity in Ocean Science and quest of Zero Operational Impact Research Vessel

        François Frey(216) and Chloé Le Cam(216)

        (216) Esprit de Velox, France



        R&D Inductions: brut Zero CO2, GHG, waste; energy selfproduction and autonomy; noise reduction; and recyclable composites

        François Frey(216) and Eric Baudin(53)

        (216) Esprit de Velox, France

        (53) Bureau Veritas Solution Marine & Offshore, France



        R&D Method:interdisciplinarity; building a community for the communities; anticipating the regulation needs; and agenda of the programme

        François Frey(216) and Chloé Le Cam(216)

        (216) Esprit de Velox, France



        Round table: "Which pertinence and why contributing to Esprit de Velox?" Ambitions and opportunities of transition in maritime activities, from market transformation to science-based strategy

        Agathe Piegay(217), Benoît Augier(16), Sylvain Faguet(188), and Simon Watin(192)

        (16) Ifremer, France

        (188) D-ICE Engineering, France

        (192) VPLP design, France

        (217) ABB Group, France






        Scientific issues: Needs/expectations for Brut Zero Research Vessels; and current limitations

        Jean-François Bourillet(16)

        (16) Ifremer, France



        Social impacts: Resonance with the EDV vision; engaging early carreer scientists; ocean field community; and building the science/industry/education cooperation from the boat

        Marie-Noëlle Rimaud(221)(222)

        (221) Excelia, France

        (222) ATKA non-profit organisation, France



        "What Ziphia tells us": study case from the dead body of a whale: building the community; Involving the parties; practical issues and impact for sonar trials at sea; elaborating the Esprit de Velox embarked research process

        Gaëlle Rousseau(48)

        (48) Naval Group, France




        Round-table: "The quest of a Zero Impact Ocean Science" Ambitions and opportunities

        Myrina Boulais(275), Patricia Ricard(225) and Jean-François Bourillet(16)

        (16) Ifremer, France

        (225) Institut Océanographique Paul Ricard / Ocean Climate Platform, France

        (275) Under the pole, France






Sea Tech Week

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