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Sea Tech Week

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      • The European Union underlines the importance of maritime cooperation

      • EU revises its Maritime Security Strategy and Action Plan to safeguard its interests in the maritime domain against evolving maritime security threats.
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      • Sea Tech Week® aims to highlight recent developments within the European Union, underlining the crucial importance of maritime cooperation. Last October, the EU addressed key issues for the future of the sea, highlighting the opportunities and challenges facing our maritime community.

        The article, available on the European Commission website, offers an in-depth perspective on the initiatives and discussions underway within the European Union regarding maritime issues. Topics ranging from the sustainability of the blue economy to maritime safety are covered, demonstrating the ongoing commitment to the responsible protection and management of our oceans.

        We encourage our community to explore this valuable information and engage in constructive dialogues about how we can all contribute to a sustainable maritime future.


Sea Tech Week

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