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Sea Tech Week

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      • Focus on the session "The future of observations from seabed to space: Training to support marine science "

      • Keywords: Training, marine science, observations, capacity

        Session organised by: European Marine Board (EMB)
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      • This session will focus on the training and capacity needs for the future of marine science, with specific focus on what is needed for observation. It will highlight current and new professional specialisms that are needed to sustain the future of ocean observations. The session will feature short presentations on related topics from a panel of experts. The session will also allow significant interaction from the participants, with opportunities for questions and discussion with the panel and other participants. The session will enable different stakeholder groups to discuss opportunities for delivering the required training and capacity development, and how these opportunities can be actively taken forward. Participants will learn about training needs in relation to a number of topics relevant to marine science and ocean observations, and more about the potential roles for their sector in supporting or enabling this training and capacity development.



        Paula Kellett, European Marine Board



        • European Marine Board



Sea Tech Week

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