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Sea Tech Week

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      • Focus on the session "Marine sciences, Industry and Territories: observing pathways and local strategies to develop Blue Economy"

      • Keywords: marine sciences, local development, blue economy, innovation, science and society

        2 sessions organised by: Blue Valley
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      • Worldwide, part of the economic activity of coastal areas is linked to the presence of higher education and / or research organizations through, among other things, applied research, transfer, innovation or business creation. Scientific research, without being one of the major determinants of growth and employment in sparsely populated areas, is likely to encourage them. This session aims to explore science-industry-society relations in the territories, in the light of understanding keys proposed by social sciences. What do science and the development of technologies linked to marine resources “do” to the non-exclusively urban areas? How do the latter, in turn, build their economic development strategies by integrating these specificities? In what ways can these dynamics be supported? What are the success factors? This session will be dedicated to scientific communications and discussions bringing together speakers from various backgrounds.


        Joy Toupet, PETR Pays de Morlaix



        • Pays de Morlaix



Sea Tech Week

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