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      • Operational oceanographic service for O&G upstream operations off South Africa


        Sébastien SMET, ACTIMAR, Brest, France

        Additional authors:

        • Claire CHANNELLIERE, TOTAL/TEC/GEOPau, France
        • Philippe LATTES, TOTAL/TEPSA/OPS, Cape Town, South Africa
        • Marc PAVEC, ACTIMAR, Brest, France
        • Morgan DUSSAUZE, ACTIMAR, Brest, FRANCE
        • Craig MATTHYSEN, LWANDLE Technologies, Cape Town, South Africa
        • Lisa HOLTON, LWANDLE Technologies, Cape Town, South Africa
        • Jean Pierre [N.I.], ACTIMAR, Brest, France
        • Bertrand PONS, ACTIMAR, Brest, France


        Oceanography, Remote sensing, Monitoring, security and safety


        Since February 2018, ACTIMAR provides operational oceanographic services to one large Oil and Gas company active in South Africa. Offshore marine operations are conducted in an area presenting strong variations of surface current in particular due to presence of meanders and eddies.

        The service is based on a network of High Frequency radars that allows monitoring of the Agulhas Current displayed on real-time software platform SEAMAFOR. In order to overcome numerous challenges, two innovative solutions have been developed and implemented successfully: first is HYDDOA, improving the spatial resolution of the current products (thanks to an hybrid BeamForming/Direction Finding patented solution) and, second is SEAWAS, allowing detection and tracking of eddies. Furthermore, ACTIMAR has also provided continuous metocean support to the client during marine operations. All solutions and expertise combined have led to a better understanding of sea conditions and their evolution and therefore to better prepare and support marine operations and to reduce the associated risks.

        Teams acknowledged that service provided is paramount and essential for success of operations so consequently, ACTIMAR managed to capture the prestigious client’s Innovation & Digital Award.


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Sea Tech Week

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