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Sea Tech Week

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      • Sea Tech Week® 2020: return to port after overcoming this challenge

      • The 2020 version of Sea Tech Week® managed to take up a sizeable challenge and run with it.
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      • “In a matter of months, we had to completely switch model, gain some new skills and resolve some unprecedented issues, the majority of which were computer-based. However, our teams remained operational and managed to bounce back, particularly in response to the expectations of higher education, research and training institutions, as well as companies,” enthuses Michel Gourtay, President of Technopôle Brest-Iroise, the driving force behind Campus mondial de la mer.

        Extract from the last Press Release [read the full press release]


        Until 16 December 2020, the virtual congress centre remains open for free

        Go to https://www.virtual-seatechweek.eu/ and:

        • visit the exhibition, the poster and the press halls
        • contact the exhibitors by email
        • see the sessions replays


        For any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@campusmer.fr


        Facts and figures

        • Nearly 600 Internet users logged into the event from 12 to 16 October
        • 21% of students
        • 43% of international attendees (outside France)
        • 38 represented countries, included mainly France, UK, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, USA, Portugal, Australia, Norway...
        • About 100 participants in person during the Before (30 Sept. 2020, Brest)
        • 23 booths in the exhibition hall
        • 200 exhibition visitors and 200 poster hall visitors
        Stand virtuel
        • 5-days e-conference
        • 29 sessions structuring the e-conference
        • 170 speakers
        • 450 e-conference attendees
        • About 100 BtoB meetings
        • 90 participants
        • Nearly 1200 subscribers on Twitter
        • More than 72,000 people reached on Linkedin


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        Enter the Congress Centre

        Enter the Congress Centre


Sea Tech Week

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